The students of today will become the leaders of tomorrow.
The future is going to ask our leaders to do the things that have never been done, so we need to prepare them in new ways too.

The Program

The Social impact Gap Year Program is the adventure of a lifetime for anyone. Gain hands-on work experience and in sustainable ocean conservation, with the professional certifications to back it up

What you will be contributing to...

Young people are calling for a better future and looking for ways to have a meaningful impact in the world. You will be learning about marine ecosystems and making a real impact in various coral conservation projects. Your work will focus on supporting karang lestari, the local coral conservation project here in Pemuteran, which is using the unique Biorock technology. More information on their websites: and
You will be gain first-hand experience and be part of the solution, working with local traditional ecological knowledge as well as high-tech and innovative initiatives for a sustainable future

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We need young leaders who know how to collaborate, think critically, communicate effectively, plan strategically, observe rationally and take in-spired action, no matter what field they choose to excel in.
If you are a gap year student who wants to meaningful and sustainable solution for humanity,

So if you are a gap year student who wants to be a real part of a meaningful and sustainable solution for humanity,

This program is for you if you...

  • Are confident in the ocean
  • Are a minimum of 18 years old to complete the Divemaster program
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit & want to lead the way in creating positive change
  • Are passionate about conservation & community-based approaches to natural resource management
  • Are able to contribute to and thrive in a team environment
  • Have a strong desire to help others and be an ambassador of the ocean

If you are between 18-22, meet the above criteria and think you would make an awesome marine & mountain ambassador, apply now to join the trailblazer group, starting April 2023.

Application deadline, 20th February 2023.


  • Leadership & Entrepreneurship skills
  • Work experience - and professional mentorship
  • Real-world sustainable development experience
  • Experience working with local, national and international organizations and initiatives
  • Internationality-recognized Divemaster certification
  • Leadership development coaching to set you up for the next chapter
  • A personal action plan for your next few years
  • Marine Conservation Diploma and 22 university credits
  • Social Impact Certificate
  • A global community and network of young leaders
  • Experience in marine and landscape conservation and protection
  • Connections for international job opportunities
  • Potential opportunity to join our team
  • A final project presentation
  • References for future opportunities

EMPOWERING Young Leaders to be the change they want to see in the world

The adventure of a lifetime!

The program is packed full of cultural activities & adventures, real conservation work, plenty of time in nature (on land and in the water), and of course, working together with new friends.

Social Impact

Young people today are demanding a better future. We need leadership development that helps our young people to design and shape the world around them, not the other way around.

We believe that opportunities for young people to empower themselves and learn leadership, entrepreneurship and collaboration skills are the key to ensuring they are equipped to be the future leaders. AND its important to have fun while doing so. This program is designed to support young leaders uncover what makes them truly unique, gain the experience, and intentionally design the next chapter of their life so they can begin to create the future they really REALLY want.

We live in the most extraordinary times of change, and we need the most extraordinary leaders to help us navigate these times.
If you feel passionate about the future of humanity and our precious planet, it's because you're here to help protect it.
Our Gap Year Programs are for those who want to be part of a meaningful and sustainable solutions for humanity.

JOIN us on a life-changing 6-month adventure to learn real-world skills, get certified, and be part of the solution with marine and mountain conservation and sustainable development initiatives in BALI.



April 4th, 2023 (6 months)
September 4th, 2023 (6 months).


Pemuteran - Bali


SSI Divemaster
Conservation Diploma
Social Impact Diploma
22 University Credits

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We are dedicated to empowering youth to become the leaders of tomorrow, and to be the change they want to see in the world.

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